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Boutique "grow" Consulting Services

Boutique "grow" Consulting Services

from 2,500.00
  • Duration:  4 days within a 1 week period.
  • Scope:  2 focus areas
  • Value:  $4,270.00
  • Travel beyond Harris County at an additional charge
  • Examples include social media management, or developing a website, or team training, or workflow organization.
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With Boutique "grow", we do the work for you.  After the diagnostic overview included in Boutique "mini", we get right to work on 2 of your prioritized areas.  We develop and move to implement the recommendations agreed with you at your direction. 

All packages include:

  • Review of Boutique's internet presence, social media, mall demographics, and the surrounding local markets.  
  • Review of sales floor behaviors and stockroom optimization.
  • Customized recommendations to address concerns.

Choose from the following focus areas when you customized your offering:

  • Hire Right- How to recruit, interview, orientate and train your sales team.
  • Continually Train and Engage your sales team
  • Increase client experience to gain sales
  • Obtain powerful, actionable feedback
  • Drive traffic to drive sales