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New Service -- Chat Subscriptions!

I Speak Boutique is excited to share our newest offering -- the ability to chat whenever you need!  With our newest service- Chat Subscription- you can guarantee we are available to help you when you have an obstacle to overcome.

For only $300 for a 6-month subscription, you have access to our experts via phone, text and/or email, so anytime you need help we are ready!  Your subscription includes a 1-hour call so ISB can get to know your business before a crisis occurs.  During that call, ISB will work hard to understand the unique complexities of your shop and learn everything they need to be "up to speed".  Then when you have an obstacle and you need help, we can dig immediately into the problem without having to go through the entire business discussion.  

You can call us as many times as you need during your subscription.  Maybe you're having a tough time deciding between two good options and you want an opinion to help you make the decision; ISB will be ready.   Or possibly you're struggling with margins and you need an expert to guide you through; ISB will be ready.  We will be ready to help with any obstacle you face; we will help you find a solution so you can keep your business moving.

If the obstacle is too big and you need more resources than you currently have, then ISB will work to find you the right resources.  We know all businesses need support, we know that no one can do it all, so we are ready to help you when you need it!

To sign up for our Chat Subscription service, simply click here and we will get you started with our chat subscription service!

All the best to you!


Owner I Speak Boutique