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Tracking finances just got easier....

Our clients tell us all the time they struggle to get everything accomplished.  As we, at I Speak Boutique, lay out the priorities and determine a timeline to help our clients accomplish tasks; many have been shocked at how we can help them streamline expenses and mileage tracking.  Using QuickBooks Self Employed app is a time saver and helps keep our clients organized!  All our clients have to do is open the app every few days then make a few swipes to categorize things and voila- they are done!  

The QB homepage reminds clients to review and categorize transactions where money has been taken out of the business checking account.  Touching on a transaction allows you to choose if it was a business expense or a personal expense.  Then another swipe allows you to categorize it as office supplies, web service fees, insurance, taxes, or any of the other 30 categories!

The homepage also reminds you to categorize your mileage.  That's right- the app tracks your vehicle movements and automatically calculates every trip!  You simply swipe to tell the app if that trip was for business purposes or for personal reasons.  

Not only does the app help keep your finances in order and track your mileage-- but it makes doing taxes a breeze!  Simply pull the information you need at tax time and watch the deductions roll in.

So join our clients and take advantage of the services from QuickBooks Self Employed!  Use our link to learn more about QuickBooks Self Employed app, and to get a discount!