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Going to a wholesale market to purchase?

Did you decide to go to a wholesale market but you are not sure what to do?  You have to make a plan and stick to it!  

Step 1:  Know your current inventory and best sellers

Know what are best sellers, and why.  Then decide if you want to re-order from the same vendor or possibly try a new vendors product in the same category.

Step 2: Research the market and the vendors that are showing

Use the markets apps and website to know where the vendors are located that you want to see.  Also, have an idea of the quantity of items you want to purchase from each of those vendors.

Step 3:  Plan your days

Work through the venue in a systematic way but DO NOT expect to walk every aisle!  Also make sure you plan a coffee break and a lunch break so you are fresh and clear headed as you make decisions. 

Step 4: Take a break mid-day

Again, take a break to eat and stay hydrated.  Also take that time to re-evaluate how you are doing towards your plan.

Step 5:  Re-evaluate each evening

Take time to update your plan, on what you accomplished that day but also what you want to accomplish the following day.  Be sure to update your inventory system on what items you purchased and what the lead time is for those items. 

Step 6:  Be confident in what you purchased! 

You know what your client wants, so if you chose it at market, then it will work well in your store!  

Market is one of the great joys of owning a boutique because you get to shop!  By having a plan and working the plan, you will be successful.  However, if the idea of market scares you, ISB is happy to help you either build a successful plan, or we will even go to market on your behalf!

All the best to you!

Brooke at I Speak Boutique