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What's the experience like?

Think of an amusement park, and how there is a lot to do, see, and experience.  As you park the car, there is anticipation and excitement in the air.   You join the flurry of people scurrying to the entrance.  Fun energetic sounds of music and laughter plus sweet candy smells fill the air.  Once you step into the park, excitement washes over you as begin to take in all the magic that is occurring around you, thevendors, the food, the balloons....oh what fun!

    Amusement parks are a unique experience where the park developers have thought through all the details of their brand, including sights, sounds, and smells, touch and taste.  It's a good example of how stimulating all the senses can create a memorable experience.  We can use the same approach with your boutique.  We can celebrate what makes your boutique unique by creating a magical experience for your clients.   Simple things such as your display windows, your entrance, the music and aromas in your shop can all come together to create what makes your boutique special.   

    Let's take a closer look at hair salons.  These are, at the core, a service for haircuts and hair styling.  The best salons have a friendly face with a fresh drink ready for you; the front desk associate knows your name and guides you to your stylist, who is ready to begin your consultation.   As you settle into the chair, you notice the stylists are dressed well and have amazing hair.  You notice there is a lovely scent in the air and the music is the right level of upbeat, yet not distracting.  Your stylist begins the conversation asking how you are doing, and what has occurred since you last saw each other.  The conversation aims towards reconnecting first, then shifts focus on the task at hand.  At this point, you are feeling good and confident, knowing this experience and the outcome will exceed your expectations.

    Now let's take a deeper look at your boutique.  Is there suitable parking and clean sidewalks?  What does the outside of the store front really look like?  Does it represent your boutique?  Open the door and notice if it is easy or difficult to open.  Is your first display area the best representation of your boutique?  Continue to move, looking through the eyes of a customer.  Small and simple changes to this environment can enhance the experience and in turn, increase sales.

    Have you thought about having team members help with the displays in the window?  Simply having a guiding conversation with your team about who the core customer is, and what they think makes the boutique unique can set the stage for their contribution.  Then by encouraging them to create a window display can attract customers in ways you may have not considered before.  Track how many of those displayed items you sell in a month.   Try again the next month with a new display.

    Let's take it up another notch by looking for ways to work with your neighboring boutiques to enhance the customer experience.  Many malls have diverse types of stores that cater to different core customers.  Working together with mall owners and neighbor shop owners to create an enhanced shopping experience on designated calendar weeks can help to maximize customer experiences as well as store profits.   Think about asking local food trucks to come in for a few days once a month.  How awesome for your clients to receive a free soda from the food truck just because they shopped at your store.  

    Collaborating with other shop owners is a great way to surprise and delight clients.  If you have a fabulous line of athletic wear but no shoes, then collaborate with the local shoe boutique.  Place a few pairs of their shoes in your shop with a sign directing them to visit their shop too.  Be sure the other shop gives you the same courtesy!

    Once you begin making changes to your boutique, you'll want to make sure you keep the excitement high, so your clients continue to come back more, and more often.  Reward cards, or bounce back cards, are a great way to keep them coming back.  At the amusement park, often times you have a coupon or ticket book that gets you around the park visiting shops, food vendors and rides.  You can work with your mall and explore something similar with your boutique.  

Contact us so we can work together on your shops experience and how that translates into sales.

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