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Personal Thank You Notes Matter

In a world that is becoming more digital, and frankly less personable, it is the small personalized gestures that can really stand out.  At I Speak Boutique, we suggest a hand written thank you note to each client no matter the level of purchase.  The top 10% of your clients may be the bread-and-butter of your financial success, but the middle and bottom levels are just as important.  Imagine the increase in sales if you could convert half of your clients to come back more often!  If the average boutique shoppers spends $65 twice a year, that means your salesare $130/shopper; if you need to sell $100,000 a year, that means you need 769 clients a year.  But if you're able to reach even half of the 769 clients, and convince them to purchase 4 times a year, you'll add another $50k in sales per year, an increase of 50%.  This is an increase almost unheard of in brick and mortar retail stores!



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