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Getting to know each other and working together

I wanted to share some insights into what it is like to work with I Speak Boutique.  When a boutique or a small business Owner and I decide to work together, whether the business has internet presence or not, or it is strictly brick-and-mortar, or a combination, we spend the first day getting to know our customer a little bit better. Whether it's over a cup of coffee, or at their place of business, we like to connect with our customers where they will feel the most comfortable. We like to discuss all aspects of the business:  no matter how insignificant you may an issue may be, it is important to us.  Whether it's your building, your mall, your team, stockroom, sales floor, or any other needs and wants, we want to talk about them, all in strict confidence!  I use proven techniques to quickly learn what areas we should focus on.  It’s a very collaborative effort between the Owner and myself.  We will co-create a plan based on the most immediate needs and customize a longer term plan as needed.  Because each situation is unique, the pricing of each programs can also be customized.

 A few of the topics I cover to better understand our customers include:


  • Owners driving force / decision to open the business
  • Quick synopsis of past, current and future expectations of the business
  • What is meeting your expectations and what isn't?
  • What do you wish someone else could do for you?
  • Who's is your core customer?  Who is your surprise customer?
  • What is your Social Media presence?
  • What makes your boutique unique?



  • Overview of you sellers skills, are they Brand Ambassadors?
  • Sales goals 
  • Refilling displays plus other necessary tasks
  • Touch bases



  • Placement of best sellers, slow sellers, bundles and impulse purchases
  • Window displays
  • 5-senses : sight, smell, hear, touch and tastes
  • Fitting room experience (if applicable)
  • Promotions
  • Check out area experience and packaging



  • Posting of team sales goals and schedule
  • Placement of top sellers and overall organization
  • Restrooms
  • Safety

Because I have been in retail leadership positions for over 24 years, I have a lot of knowledge and experiences to draw upon; I can help business of all sizes start up, ramp up, capitalize and grow.  I can customize solutions for you to take and run with, or I can come in and do it with you, or do it for you.  Contact me so we can discuss how I Speak Boutique can help your business!