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May is client loyalty month!

 As a Boutique Owner you have the vision and passion for your business.  You have done the hard labor of gathering the merchandise, getting the paperwork done, selecting your team, and opening your boutique.  Congratulations on all of those accomplishments!  Our goal at I Speak Boutique is to help our local Boutiques discover how to gain traffic, build team engagement, and profit from great client experiences.

Driving Traffic drives sales.  And May is the perfect time to work on client loyalty because it is the month for Loyalty Day, Cinco de Mayo, National Nurses Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day and Military Spouses Day .  With the increase in traffic, this month is the perfect time to get closer to your clients.  Focus your efforts on getting to know their names, their interests, and what they like about your Boutique.  You should take time to share the passion for your Boutique and be thankful for their visit.  Sharing in this dialogue will make your clients twice as likely to purchase, according to a Bain and Company survey.

Share with us which local boutiques are your favorite and why!