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Wow, what a year!

I have lived my entire life loving clothing retail!  I have always fed off the energy of selecting the right talent, teaching them how to be their best, working to build an amazing shopping experience and I have always loved helping people shop.  Early in 2017 my retail career came to a grinding halt when Macy's changed directions and layed off the exceptional talent in specialized selling, myself included.  

I took a moment to mourn the loss and reflect, then I decided to open my own business, I Speak Boutique.  ISB focuses on taking all of the knowledge of my past and helping other small business owners gain the knowledge so they can grow their businesses.  I take the best of all those I worked with over the past 2 decades.  The operational excellence I learned at Target, the high touch high-end client service from Tiffany & Co, the personalized service from Ann Inc, and the mass market retailing from Macy's.  I break those concepts down into easy to understand, actionable items that help boutique owners grow.

Over the past 7 months the I Speak Boutique team has helped a talented fashion designer get her products created, helped build buzz and got her into e-commerce.  We have helped a hair salon reach their goal of opening a lifestyle boutique.  We have also been fortunate enough to work with 2 lovely Texas mamas working hard to bring their girly creations to e-commerce and retail stores.  We have been grateful to make many new friends in sweet shops, at shows and festivals too.  ISB is grateful to work with clients from amazing jewelry companies all the way to industrial manufacturing.

As we begin to close out 2017 and look into 2018- we at I Speak Boutique are grateful for all we have worked with, and we are so excited for your continued successes in 2018 and beyond!

With love and respect,

Brooke, owner ISB