dba Pop Up Shop

Galleria Shop Lease Info

Pop Up Shop

Three curated locations within The Houston Galleria Mall

A collection of entrepreneurs, artists and makers committed to producing high quality products as well as supporting and encouraging each other!

Benefits of joining us are:

  • Prime real estate at The Galleria Mall, Houston, largest mall in Texas, 7th largest mall in the US and a very high foot traffic mall also!

  • Low- risk, brick and mortar space with rents that eliminate variable business expenses

  • Turn-key process that makes it easy to start this sales channel

  • Climate controlled, fast internet, utilities and staffed by professionals

  • You keep 100% of your sales

90 Day Lease $4050 - $7200

$45 per day January through September

$80 per day October through December

Work 12 days at the shop

Keep 100% of your sales

6 month Lease $5500 - $8200

$30 per day January to June

$45 per day July through December

Work 30 days at the shop

Keep 100% of your sales


12 month Lease $12,775

$35 per day consistent rent, no matter time of year!

Work 54 days at the shop

Keep 100% of your sales

Not quite ready to commit?