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Easy, Turn- Key Experience

We want to give you a turn-key brick and mortar experience in a high traffic mall! We have two locations inside The Galleria Mall, next to Nordstrom and also next to Saks. The Galleria Mall is the largest mall in Texas and the 7th largest mall in the USA. We also have a casual location in CityCentre on Town & Country Blvd.

We are taking care of all expenses associated with running a shop~ items like utilities, payroll, management of the shop, point of sale and all processing fees including high speed WIFI are all paid for by the Shop. No headaches for you!!

You’ll become a part of a team that collaborates together to help all businesses grow. E-commerce, social media and boutique presences will all be enhanced through the relationships and collaboration with us.


A huge differentiator between our shop and others is that you as the Designer/Maker/Curator will also work in the shop a few days. This will give you the chance to meet customers and gather feedback on your products. Customers LOVE to learn the story behind the products and you will LOVE meeting fans of your Brand!

You also are able to use the Shop for events and Brand promotions!

100% of your sales

You receive 100% of your sales; paid out at the close of each month! Plus you’ll consistently have access to the point of sale system to monitor sales and inventory.


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